Manuela Vignoli-Principi was born in Vienna.


The artist has Italian roots in her blood as it is shown in her name.

She has been creating arts since her childhood, and has been a professional painter for over thirty years.


Manuela, in her early age,  felt the need to express herself in a creative way, and it lead her to her life as an artist.

She enjoyed to receive various education from many qualified tutors.


For instant , she received watercolor painting lessons from Professor Svoboda, oil painting lessons from Rene Maria von Othegraven, and painting techniques during renaissance and baroque era from Dr.Georg Gheorghe.

Her paintings are created with the application of some sorts of techniques especially acrylic and abstract methods.


Some of her works have been done with the use of scraper and mixing techniques of which she also uses actual sand from beaches. 

Manuela´s themes are always rich in variations. Relationship, Seyshells (landscapes), and Skyline are great examples of her remarkable themes.

She, currently, is working on illusion expressions and decorative paintings.

Gallery Steiner represented her in 2012, and exhibited her works in May of the same year.

Manuela Vignoli-Principi

The artist is living and working in Vienna.